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                            Something About Kisu


KisuArt is a concept that emerged from Kisu's desire to see our homes filled with genuine art. The options on the market consist mostly of either mass produced and generic prints or paintings for art galleries and collectors. She wanted to create old school abstract paintings that stem from the spirit and soul of the artist's universe and experience, yet still remain available for everyone. She chose to realise her vision in the form of posters that offer art at a reasonable price without bargaining from the authentic gallery feel. 
Right now KisuArt offers posters that are abstract hand-painted aquarelles printed on high quality poster paper in a professional print shop. The idea is to produce small series with new collections added regularly, and the future will see the launch of small clay statues as well as original paintings.
Kisu hopes that the pictures will add some colour, laughter, shape, and boldness to your interior; any spice of life that you would wish to see depicted on your walls.
Kisu herself is an established artist and illustrator with years of experience behind her, and since its opening in March 2020, KisuArt has already build a substantial customer base. Kisu has been immensely grateful for the warm reception her work has received so far, and hopes that you will stay with her as the journey continues.
As she says, "Never let go of your inner child. It is that free state of mind where all engaging art sources from"

                                                  XOXO Kisu